Kindergarten programme




"If you want children to keep their feet on the ground,

put some responsibility on their shoulders."

Abigail Van Buren


Not all  Kindergarten are created equal. It is important to learn a few essential things about a Kindergarten before you trust it with your child’s first years of schooling. Every Kindergarten should be clean, safe, and provide a positive learning environment, but there is much more to a school than nice facilities and happy teachers. When choosing a Kindergarten for your child, it is important to ask questions. You might be surprised by what you find out.

Curriculum (What are students taught?)
  • What is the curriculum?
  • What is the schedule of daily activities? How much time is spent on each subject (singing, dancing, social play, phonics and number concepts, art, etc.)?
Methods (How are students taught?)
  • What is the school's educational philosophy? Does the philosophy fit your desire for your child? Are the children free to "wander and discover"? Are children to “go at their own pace” or do teachers guide students carefully through a structured curriculum, daily building concept upon concept?
  • Some schools have a philosophy that teaching structured skills such as reading and math should be delayed until six years of age.
Thinking Skills
  • What does the school do to teach thinking skills (logic skills such as sequencing, patterning, categorizing, and prioritizing)?
  • Does the school help children become self-reliant?
Student Progress
  • What are the daily, monthly, and annual goals?
  • How will the school track your child’s progress and report to you?

We will challenge your child to think

and reach for high expectations!